Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Ghost Hunt with a Team

Since we are covering some backstory I’d like to talk about my first ghost hunt with an early crew I assembled during the high school years. It was me, Jerry Sakai, and Marsha Penquist, and it was a rainy Sunday afternoon when I decided to share the secrets of the ghost hunt with these two intrepid young harriers.

I had brought some of the tools of the trade – Five factory sealed bottles of high-octane vodka, blue label or 100 proof (some of the strongest ghoul fighting magic around), my EVP detector because I believed the location (Jerry’s House) to be a great spot for detecting a class B phantasm, and a camera to detect any unusual activity and to record the findings professionally.

After setting the camera on a tripod to record the footage, we waited until the time when ghosts come out – midnight- and began steeling ourselves to witness the coming of the unholy dead. I explained that if you wanted to survive the maniacal machinations of the restless legions that severe quantities of ghost-repellant must be consumed. It was about 1:30 AM when the firsts ghosts appeared, manifesting themselves in hideous possessions and daemonic voices.

Jerry began rocking back and forth, drooling and mumbling in a language unintelligible to humans. Seeing the possession begin to occur was unnerving, so I began to partake of more of the clear-colored cleansing liquid and encouraged our female companion to do the same, to fight off the impending wave of daemonic prescences.

Sadly, this was one of the first experiences I had had dealing with ghosts and we were simply not ready. Soon, Marsha was under the sway of the damned, uttering in a ghoulish tongue with her head cocked at an unnatural angle.

Then the worst began to happen as both Jerry and Marsha fell under the spell of these damned ghosts, as the possession began to make them act out in terrifying ways, culminating with a feverish attempt at animal copulation.

Not willing to let the night terrors win at this ghost hunt, a few slugs of the savior brew and I was clear of mind and body and ready to fight back. Grabbing a poker from the fireplace I gave Jerry several solid blows to his naked, squirming, daemonically possessed form. The demon writhed inside the shell of the human it had consumed, twisting and shrieking until it stopped moving and lay still.

The defeated demon left Jerry’s body in the traditional fashion, through violent exhalation through the mouth by means of vomitus. Shaking and triumphant, I laid the poker down. The worst had yet to come. The terrifying demon that had taken Jerry was now inside me, and forced me into a hideous act of carnal pleasure with the equally possessed Marsha in an attempt to create a child of the night.

There was no way to stop it, demons would come to the earth if the act was completed. Desperately, in the throes of knowing Marsha, I struggled for way to combat this daemonic will being thrust upon me. There was but one answer.

Summoning up all of my might and ghost hunting experience, I expelled the demon from my body, forcing the cursed form into a manifestation of vomitus upon mine and Marsha’s form. The demon had been beaten.

The night was ours. While one of my first ghost hunting experiences with team members, it is one that I will remember forever.


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