Monday, October 18, 2010

My first Ghost Hunt

Let me tell you something about ghost hunting.
Ghosts are real. Ghost hunting is real. and we, the ghost hunters, are definitely real

I went on my first hunt when i was sixteen. My friend Johnny's dad took me into a dark room and told me the ghosts were coming, and I'd need some magic mixture to be able to survive the attack. I had never known about these night terrors until now.

Working hard to save me, Johnny's dad took out a few "ghost shooters" and filled them up with anti-ghoul solution, known as Jack Kannelfaniels, which could keep the evil spirits out. He seemed crazy at the time but later i would find out it was just garden variety whiskey, with remarkable ghost battling powers.

Furtively he handed me shooter after shooter and screamed they would be here any minute. He downed quite a few himself and then they started to come into the room. Real ghosts. Johnny's dad screamed and told me to drink another golden shooter to save myself and the room began to swirl.

Ghosts were attacking! Johnnys dad was missing I assume they got him and the room went pitch black and i could hear insane laughter from all sides. Suddenly, i felt a pressure against my... backside. They were trying to possess me! I tried to drink more to fight them off, but i was a fledgling ghost hunter. Soon, i felt something deep burrow into me and deposit a sinister payload of ectoplasmic goo.

I felt certain that i would be possessed by daemonic spirits, but just as i felt i could handle the ghostly assault no more, Johnny's dad mysteriously reappeared and dragged me from the room. He said i must never speak of the ghost hunt to anyone or the ghosts would come back, so I told everyone, because i wanted them to come back - ghosts must be hunted down!

I didn't see Johnny's dad again after i told Mr. Swanke about the incident because i heard he got taken away by zombies in the middle of the night but i will never forget the thrilling experience of my first ghost hunt in his garage.

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